måndag 21 november 2011

My entry in a Game Artisans mini challenge. As always texturing with only a diffuse map is a lot of fun, and as always when it comes to competitions there was a bit of stress to meet the deadline. :)


onsdag 21 september 2011


More War Wind fan art. Eaggra heroine Jynni Creeper with Obblinox prey! Intention is to finish it some other day.

tisdag 20 september 2011


Legendary revolutionary hero Tywald Chainbreaker! From War Wind again.

måndag 19 september 2011

Orc with harem

"...One of these peculiarities, which I came to notice, was that both Thar'aka as well as all the other prominent females who were permitted access to the Goblin harem - in stark contrast to the common Orc ideal of short, flat and preferably broken noses - all unexceptionally held a preference for the concubine slaves with the most prominent snouts. An oddity about which my inquiries would render only laughs as answer".

- Excerpt from "1692 days of privations - my time as a captive at the host of Warchieftress Thar'aka Bloodclot" by Mengan Riverbrook.


fredag 9 september 2011

torsdag 1 september 2011

fredag 26 augusti 2011

Was working on a painting and was really happy about how it was turning out. Realized I had yet to save so I hit ctrl-s...  and Photoshop promptly crashed .


Painted some gnomes for comfort.

söndag 14 augusti 2011

Market people

Was sitting under a tree drawing people at a medieval themed market.

måndag 18 juli 2011

All the mistakes kept bugging me so I spent another lunch on it.

torsdag 23 juni 2011

Dominance War V

I did this character for the Dominance War V competition. It's meant to be a two month project, but I decided to do it over the last weekend before deadline just as a fun challenge. Naturally it's extremely rushed in every aspect, but it was a lot of fun to do a character on such a tight timeframe.

Fixed some issues with the armour design and straightened out some weird poses, and added some base colours.

torsdag 16 juni 2011


Playing around with a different way of colouring. One of those days I will draw something other than a naked girl.

I should really work on tidying up my linework and plan more before I  draw. But I watched some videos by Feng Zhu, and he starts out really loose and scribbly, so I allowed myself to make a mess with these. 

Gonna work on the ankward poses and and add some more bits to the design (especially for the rightmost one) before colouring.